Hollins University Receives $75 million gift from alumna

Hollins University announced a $75 million gift from an anonymous alumna. It is the largest gift ever to a women’s college. Given the small size of the University, the gift should have a substantial impact.



Thanks for posting this. My daughter is admitted and not seriously considering to date. They sent crayons in the mail and email invitations to virtual bingo. News like this should be there first item to brag about!

My D22 was admitted to Hollins EA/rolling, but didn’t get any crayons. They definitely DID tout this gift, though. She got an email back in December about it.

It’s a sweet school. My D22 did a summer program there and really liked it and I thought it was great prep for college. She has a friend a year older who is a first year there now.

I’m happy to try to answer any questions about Hollins. I found everyone there to be super friendly and helpful.

Dang, no crayons here!! :slight_smile: But a lollipop did come for Valentine’s Day!

Is it one of your D’s top schools she is considering? D was interested early but had a not-great visit (no students around, nothing much going on on campus, and her assigned admissions officer started to interview her, only to be reminded by the tour guide that my D was already admitted). Trying to get her to consider all options.

Yes, we got the lollipop too!

My D22 has decided to go with another school, but Hollins was one of her top schools before she decided. We had a good visit at Hollins in the fall for one of their event days. We stayed on campus in their little visitor’s place and D22 got to visit with her friend. It’s a really sweet and supportive vibe.

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