Hollins University

<p>It has been too long since this forum was active! Time to start it up again, ladies!!</p>

<p>Hi! I am Emily, and I will be starting as a First-Year as Hollins next month. I am very, very excited! I plan on majoring in English/Creative writing, with double minors in Theatre and Film & Photography. I already know that I will be a part of the Batten Leadership program come sophomore year, and I hope to study in London, probably as a junior.</p>

<p>If anyone has any questions about Hollins, please feel free to post them! A lot I may not be able to answer yet, since I am not actually at Hollins yet. But as the year progresses, I will be happy to answer questions about life at Hollins, academics, or whatever you are wondering about.</p>

<p>Have a great summer everybody!

My fren wants to go to Hollins, since she doesnt have CC account i am posting this on her behalf.</p>

<p>her stats:
GPA: 3.5
Top 10% in class
SAT I - 590CR, 670 maths, 620W, (10 in Essay)
ECA: President of Dance Comittee,
member of Student Council
Many awards and prizez in dance.
Music Comittee,
Published two Books of Poems
and many more........ </p>

<p>Plzz chance her.....</p>