hollla... help a brother out

<p>im applyin RD, to all the ED'rs, what all did you submit with your application</p>

<p>-common app and just supplemental form? Did you all submit a separate resume, and did you submit things like photocopies of major awards, and alot of additional stuff explaining your E.C.'s .... or would this just **** of the admissions committee and/or do nothing for ur ultimate decision</p>

<p>also, i may have a little problem. all my reccomendations have been sent out to all the schools im applying too (my teachers sent them out earlier than I expected) however, none of the actual applications have been sent out yet! will they start a file for me, or will it all just get lost???</p>

<p>thanks ballaz</p>

<p>I decided that they'd have no interest in reading an extra resume - that's why the Common App asks you to list your most important/meaningful activities in order of their importance to you. Laundry lists are meaningless at such a competitive school, IMO...I'm sure some people will disagree with me, but that's just my opinion. I do plan on sending my first-Q report card when I get it next week, but that's it.</p>

<p>any one else.... sparticus/ anyone else currently in cornell, did you guys submit resume/extra credentials, or just the standard common app. </p>

<p>i just feel kind of uneasy mentioning in one column on the common app my major activities (piano) without giving an explanation about it; i mean i have so few ECs, but 1 major commitment</p>

<p>I didn't send anything else, but that was mainly due to laziness. If you have the time and are willing to do it, why not send it? The worst that could happen is they don't look at it; what harm could sending one do? Though if that's your only reason for doing so, I rememeber that theres a box on the CommonApp where you can put additional info; you could describe your piano accomplishments there.</p>

<p>I sent a one page resume with awards and EC's, with brief explanations (a sentence or two)</p>

<p>sparticus/gome start ... or ne1 else</p>