Holy Cross, Chance me!

I am an incoming senior and I want to apply to Holy Cross ed 1.
What are my chances of getting in?
GPA: 3.3 (weighted)

APs- AP lang, AP Lit, AP Spanish

4 years debate- varsity
4 years track and field
2 years cross country-team captain
3 Years rowing
2 years field hockey
2 years diversity club

Ethnicity Mayan Indian

Summer internship for a climate museum
Took two online Harvard courses

You may have a chance of getting in but your GPA will hurt you. The average student who is accepted to Holy Cross has a 3.85 unweighted GPA or higher. With a 3.3 weighted GPA, I will assume your unweighted GPA is in the higher 2.0’s or lower 3.0’s. You also do not have many AP courses. Your extracurriculars are fairly good if you are interested in applying as a student-athlete, however, colleges like Holy Cross strive to see exceptional leadership in clubs (President or another official position, etc.) I was accepted with a “low” GPA (3.8 weighted, 3.4 unweighted) but I exhibited leadership in a range of activities, so I know Holy Cross does value extracurriculars, essays, etc. All around, the admissions team does an excellent job holistically viewing applications. Good luck!

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