Holy Cross ED2 2025

I was reading the 2024 chain about ED decisions, and it appears as if ED2 is rolling. I applied ED2 on December 29, but my midyear grades weren’t sent until January 13. On last year’s chain, some people had already been accepted ED2 at this time, so I was wondering if anyone else applied ED2 and has heard back already.

have I heard anything since?

No, not yet. I emailed admissions and they said that decisions will be released on Feb 15th. Hope this helps!

interesting… so it’s not rolling this year? I wonder if anyone else has heard back and how big the ed2 pool is this year

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have you heard anything yet?

No, I haven’t. I am guessing they will send an email on the 15th notifying us about an update posted to our portals––not sure though.

Do you think they’re going to call? I have no clue what to expect

Decision posted, DS rejected

sorry to hear. would you mind sharing gpa and if you went test optional?

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