Holy Cross Housing

In order to live off campus, you must receive permission from the University and they can rescind this permission at any time. I know someone that this happened to and they were stuck paying for rent plus on campus housing. If they did refused to live on campus, they would be expelled from the school

Not true. The only reason you wouldn’t be able to live off campus is if you got into some sort of trouble (written up, academic etc). In fact, HC now even sponsors off campus living in downtown Worcester but most interested students elect for College Street, Boyden Street, Caro Street and Clay Street. Mostly seniors but some juniors as well.

Your source is wrong and the expulsion comment is just silly.

If you investigate on the HC website, it explains that students are REQUIRED to live on campus. There are only a few exeptions, which include if you live within so many miles etc… HC is a residential college. @vtny321 your comment was unnecessary.
You have to apply to live iff housing for senior year, @mother2four is correct !!!

However, if you are careful to put in the lease that it can commence once approval from HC has been granted there should not be any issues. There have been instances where students have been denied living off campus and some students have been responsible for paying the rent plus housing …absolutely true!!!