Holy Cross interview

Hello everyone. Did anyone have their interview for Holy Cross yet? I haven’t found much information about the types of questions they ask. I know my interviewer’s name, but that is all the info I know. I think it is evaluative, so I have responses prepared. Did anyone else have an interview there yet? What types of questions/ information should I be prepared with? Thanks!

My d is a rising sophomore at HC, so a little dated. Although she was very stressed out prior to the interview it ended up being straightforward and overall enjoyable. HC was very big on demonstrated interest; more so than her other schools. Thus, it is very important to articulate what “men and women for others” means to you and how HC-specific things like Monserrat will enhance your intellectual development.

Regardless, COVID-19 has made things chaotic, I imagine especially so for applicants. At HC students will go back on campus for two months of “hybrid” in person/virtual classes, then home on Nov 1st for all-virtual classes. Second semester plans TBD. I suppose that’s better than some of the Ivies, who are charging standard price for 100% online learning. As was said long ago, “May you live in interesting times.”

Bumping this thread to see if anyone has info or updates on the HC interview. S21 needs to schedule his.

My daughter had hers recently. It was very conversational. What you have been doing during quarantine? What are your academic interests? What courses, not in your target field, are looking forward to taking part in as part of your broader liberal arts education? Community question - what do you hope gain/bring socially to HC? What are you looking forward to in college or how to you envision it? Such as dorms, roommates, frisbee in the quad…What are your hopes for how it will be? Hope that helps.

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Very helpful! Thanks.

S21 had his interview last night. As suggested, it was fairly conversational. First question/request - “Tell us about yourself.” So open ended and tough to answer succinctly, but he handled it well.

Question for all…should S send a thank you note? He’ll need to ask the organizer for the interviewer’s contact info. It was basically a giant Zoom meeting that was split up into dozens of 2-person breakout groups. My opinion is that a ‘thank you’ note can’t hurt, but isn’t worth a ton of effort in this specific case.

Both my daughters were accepted at Holy Cross. They both sent thank you notes to their admissions interviewer. It shows demonstrated interest which is huge at Holy Cross. Good luck!

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Son sent a very nice thank you and got a very nice reply. Thanks!