Holy Cross or UMass Amherst? Computer Science

I was just accepted off of UMass’ waitlist to major in computer science. Before, I was planning on enrolling at Holy Cross but now I have no idea what to do. I’m not 100% sure if I will stick with CS as my major and I think it would be easier to change majors towards a business concentration at Holy Cross because to transfer to UMass’ Isenberg school is very hard.
UMass has a very highly ranked Computer Science program though and is a lot more recognized than Holy Cross although I think the Holy Cross alumni network may have more strength.
I know they are two very different schools but I’m not sure which one would be the better fit. I loved when I visited Holy Cross for admitted students day but I also like the atmosphere at UMass and I believe I can do well at both. Both will be the same price so money isn’t an issue.
Please let me know if you have any insight that could help me make my decision. Thanks so much!

I would take transferring majors out of the equation.

I would look at the school environments as you have to live there four years, day after day after day.

Many kids pick a school and then get off a WL and second guess themselves. If you’re sold on Holy Cross, then why change?

One thing that may be a game changer - UMASS is known for food. My co worker said she wishes she still could eat there. It’s rated tops in the country. Many kids struggle food wise and don’t eat and get low blood sugar. I have no idea about Holy Cross’s food…Niche rates it a B.

The other is you have a public vs. a school with a religious affiliation…if that’s a consideration to you.

But if you loved Holy Cross before and the financials aren’t in play, is there really a reason to change?

I can’t tell you where you’d fit better - I dont’ know you.

Up to you - best of luck.

Dorms are good at umass, food is fantastic. If your grades are good, shouldnt be a problem to add business, or even transfer into isenberg, but perhaps call a counselor at umass.

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