Holy Cross RD Class of 2024 - advice?

DD applied RD and decided after the ED deadline had passed that HC was her top choice. So, while she has already been accepted at a number of schools and received nice merit money from a few, we are in a waiting game until mid-March. Any advice on how to increase her chances? Also, we can’t afford full tuition, but on paper won’t qualify for any FA. She has been furiously applying to outside scholarships.

She went to Open House in the fall, did an interview (not on campus), spent a weekend on campus with a friend, did the supplemental, is doing one of the online chats in a couple weeks and I did the parent letter. (as you can tell, we are fully vested in this :smile: ) We were thinking of e-mailing her admissions counselor but wondered what info would be helpful to include versus negatively impacting her chances.

ACT: 32
UGPA: 3.96 / WGPA: 4.55 (as of now #1 in her class)
7 AP classes / 2 dual enrollment
Holy Cross Book Award
Lots of EC’s, leadership, community service and some outside awards
Attended West Point Summer Leaders Program last summer
Currently a regional semifinalist for the UVA Jefferson Scholarship (is including this info in a note to Admissions Counselor a bad thing? Barring scholarships, HC is her top choice.)

Any advice appreciated!

The ED II deadline was the same day as the RD deadline (15 JAN 2020, https://www.holycross.edu/admissions-aid/apply).

Given the binding nature of ED II and the financial reality you note, RD seems like a wise strategic move in your case.

A composite 32 (along with top-ranking, strong GPA and 4s and 5s on many of those 7 AP exams) would seem to make her a strong academic candidate for Holy Cross (even RD). HC emphasizes showing interest so it seems you have checked those boxes as well.

If it is any comfort, you are in a common situation wherein you don’t necessarily qualify for financial aid at HC but don’t have 280K+ to plunk down on a college education. HC does give a small amount of merit aid but that may not apply in your case so it is wise to look at academic merit aid from other schools and to apply for outside scholarships. It is hard to gain enough outside schollie money to make a dent in a 280K+ bill (many of those outside schollies are just for year one, BTW).

Did your daughter end up getting in? I was accepted RD and can’t wait to attend.