Holy Cross vs. Villanova

Down to the wire and D24 has it narrowed down to HC and Nova. We’ve visited both, but really wish she could’ve gotten back to campus as an “admitted student.” Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Granted I’m biased but based on the alumni base and tight-knit community, I’d choose HC. You don’t get lost in the shuffle and the loyalty that alumni have to the college and it’s graduates is incredible. Campus is beautiful, great professors, new elite buildings being delivered, academically demanding, etc. Love me some HC.

Villanova has done well over the last 10 years, elevating its brand which I think will continue to elevate. That is great but from my experiences Villanova has a relatively shallow alumni bench (80’s and 90’s — those who actually hire/make decisions).

As a current HC student, I can safely say that I never once regretted my decision in coming here. The campus is beautiful, the professors are amazing, and the friends I’ve met have changed my life forever. While I guarantee your daughter will have an amazing time no matter which school she picks, HC (in my opinion) can’t be topped.

Holy Cross is a solid, top LAC with fantastic professors, top academics, high rankings, great academic and sport facilities and new construction going on and a lovely campus- there’s really no reason not to attend for any top student. Collaborative and friendly student population and a school committed to the greater good. Plus Dr. Anthony Fauci is an alumnus! Congratulations to your D on the acceptance to HC.