Holy Cross vs. Villanova

Down to the wire and D24 has it narrowed down to HC and Nova. We’ve visited both, but really wish she could’ve gotten back to campus as an “admitted student.” Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Can you tell us a little about your son? Planned major? What does he like? etc.

Both are great schools.

Assuming that cost is about the same does show want a more intimate liberal arts environment like HC or a university environment like Villanova?

Daughter is leaning toward Nova for the bigger school feel, but really likes New England/Boston area.

Undeclared now, but planning Psychology/Biology/Neuroscience.

Saw on a thread that Neuroscience may be difficult to switch into at Villanova? Does that mean as undeclared she will be limited to certain majors when she gets there?

Also, cost is not the same. Merit $ at HC means $10k less/year.

Worcester is not “Boston area”. Trips into Boston would likely be few and far between.

Yes, Worcester is not Boston. It’s 40 miles away. But for some reason people I know who’ve gone to HC have gone into Boston frequently even if just to visit friends at BC.

People tout Vassar’s accessibility to NYC. Same for Princeton. Both are farther away than HC is from Boston.

Both are great choices. Nova has had issues with mold in the dorms and forced triples happen often. HC alumni network is amazing and reaches far beyond NE. Nova has great basketball. Congratulations and good luck with your choice!

Sounds like a bargain. I can’t think of anything at Villanova that would make it worth the extra $$$.

Oops, sorry. I just realized it is your daughter, not your son.

Both are definitely great schools. We visited both.

For business or nursing, I would lean towards Villanova.
For bio/neuroscience, I would lean towards HC. (Dr. Fauci’s alma mater :slight_smile: !)

We visited A LOT of schools, and I tried to observe students as much as possible duiring every visit. Of all the schools we visited, I mentioned to my dughter that HC was one of the two schools where I felt students looked the happiest to be there. I got a friendly vibe. New athletic and arts centers there too, if that is of interest.

My D liked both schools, but felt like Villanova was more of a place where people got dressed up/put makeup on for class, and HC was more casual (t-shirt/jeans), which she liked better. She liked the area surrounding Villanova, but didn’t care for Worcester as much. I don’t feel like she would have ended up going to Boston that much, because it is a little bit of a hike (although I believe there is a bus for the students that makes it easy for them to get there on weekends). There is a train stop that goes to Philly right on the Villanova campus, which I thought was very cool and could be convenient.

And then of course there’s basketball, which is exciting at Villanova.

A $40k price difference would be significant for me, but I realize that may not be the case for everyone.

Best of luck to your daughter!

There is a shuttle van from campus to Boston and back every weekend at HC.

The last two (or three) years HC has wisely bumped up its merit aid for the precise situation you are in.

(Nowadays, all things being equal, Villanova is a bit more difficult to get into than, for example, HC. So the stronger academic kid - accepted by both - and who thinks both are a great fit might pick HC based on lower cost. Not every kid every time but the merit aid will here and there tip the balance. Kudos to HC for recognizing a changed landscape and reacting.)

Worcester is not Boston, but it surprises people once they are on campus. Lots of music, fun eateries, shopping, even a great museum to take advantage of.

Son much preferred Villanova over HC after visiting. HC was just too small for him and he did not like Worcester very much. However, multiple friends who go to HC love it there so it depends what you are looking for.