<p>Hello all! I know that the above colleges are relatively different, but could someone please explain to me the Pros/Cons of the two schools? BTW: I'm looking for an LAC/Small Uni with no TA's. I am politically conservative, and would like my college to be the same...or if not, at least be somewhat poltically active. I am not CRAZY about Wake's Greek Scene, but i would most likely pledge if i went there. I do like HC's Jesuit/Catholic identity.</p>

<p>Which school would best prepare me for law school? (i.e. Prepare for the intense workload of a Grad/Prof school)
At which school would it be easier to earn a high GPA? (~3.7 for a top Law School)
Which college would better provide me with internships with poltical think tanks/elected officials? (i.e. Which degree would look better?</p>

<p>I know many of these Q's completely depend on who it is you are talking to, but i am very curious!</p>

<p>Thank you!!!</p>

<p>Really splitting hairs when choosing between Wake Forest and Holy Cross. Both respected about equally. Both have a reputation for a being a lot of work and very studious. HC has stronger reputation in the northeast and Wake Forest in the southeast. HC is closer to larger metropolitan area being less than an hour to Boston. You really need to select based on personal preference and so you must visit in person.</p>

<p>My brother graduated from Holy Cross and I visted & applied to Wake Forest. I obviously liked Wake Forest enough to apply to it, but I absolutely loved Holy Cross too. Wake Forest is known to have a very heavy workload, but I know Holy Cross is pretty intense too. </p>

<p>Both schools are amazing though! You honestly can't go wrong with either. I think I actually prefer Holy Cross' campus to Wake Forest's though, but Wake is gorgeous too...but I prefer athletics at Wake Forest. I'm more of a fan of big d1 and Wake seems to have really good school spirit & I loved their tradition of rolling the quad. At the same time though, Holy Cross has good school spirit too. </p>

<p>youu really can't go wrong with either!</p>

<p>Mtndewd--you asked which degree would "look better" -- it isn't nearly as much the name running across the top of the diploma as what you have brought to the place, and put into it while there, that will help you get into law school or whatever you are looking for.</p>

<p>As to ease of earning 3.7+ GPA, do you think grad schools do not know which colleges/univs provide "easier" 3.7s than others? If you attend a school where it is very hard to break 3.5, and take the courses that are known for rigor when at the place, your grad school choices will be well aware of that!</p>

<p>We visited HC and at the info session they do make it clear they help you get internships. </p>

<p>If you want to get an internship with a politician, why don't you endear yourself to your own representative by working on his/her campaign? Sign up with your county's party organization and start working there as a volunteer. Sign up to be a "challenger" for your party at a polling place during the next election. Put out some work for your party if you expect to be on the receiving end of internships and other goodies. If you make your name known locally as a willing worker, the people you help will put in a word for you when you are applying for internships, etc, elsewhere.</p>