Holy Gunk

<p>I Feel Like Utter **** At This Very Moment. I Studied For Weeks And Weeks For Writing And Math Ic And Knew All The Material, But Just Couldn't Recall It For The Test. I Dont Know What Happened To Me. I Want To Go To Nyu Soo Bad But I Think I Only Got In The 500's On These Exams. I'm Not Sure About This, But I Think This Is What I Got. I Dont Know!!!!!</p>

<p>Don't Write Like This... Really Annoying.</p>

<p>Anyways, don't feel bad, I think i got 430 on writing...</p>

<p>Hi Avia, </p>

<p>There is still hope as your scores have not come in as yet. At any rate, you can take the exam in december so I would start preparing for it. As for the MATH IC, I would encourage you to take IIC if you have taken precalculus already. The IIC has a lenient curve and from what I have witnessed easier than IC. I hope you do very well and good luck.</p>