Home decor projects! Help me find..(fill in the blank)!

This is a new thread for all those home decor projects where you can post what you are looking for but just can’t find! Maybe the resourceful CC crowd can track it down for you! Or send you in a new direction!

The more detail you give the better the results I’m guessing–a picture of a style, the size, color and cost restraints. (and where it is being used–bedroom, living, dining, kitchen etc.). You choose the parameters.


Thank you for starting this thread! This should be FUN!! I apologize in advance - I used my newly found CC privilege and edited the title just a bit. Please feel free to throw a rotten egg at me and edit it back. :slight_smile:


You did good!

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I’ll start!
Last week we had some serious wind overnight. One of our deck chairs blew across our (Trex) deck, knocked against the opposite side, and broke one of the spindles. All the Trex spindles we’re finding are in boxes of (I think) 16 or 18 or whatever. Anyone know how to find a single Trex square spindle?

Hope this is what you meant, @gouf78

Open to big or small projects! Everything welcome! But is there a particular color/ size you need? Do you have a link to the specific item?

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Try looking here. They appear to sell individual posts. Need style and color, size.

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This isn’t a huge project but something I don’t complete because I can’t seem to find what I want. We have a small coat closet in our entryway. A few years ago, I purchased a coat rack from Crate and Barrel for overflow and/or guest coats. The coat rack doesn’t work IMO because it just adds to the clutter in the entryway. I’m looking to replace it with 3 or 4 hooks on the wall. There’s a cherry wood bench that is also in the entryway. I think simple wooden hooks with or without a backing might work. Any ideas where to look? This is for a vacation home so the coats on the hooks won’t be big winter coats–most jackets or sweatshirts, etc.

Pottery Barn? Are you looking for individual hooks or something like this?


Maybe Etsy?

I’m seriously loving this one and might order it for the exercise room!!

I have a project for you folks! Help me find a piece of wall decor that is not a picture and that can be hung above the bed in about 4 x 6’ wall space. Main requirement: it must be featherweight so Mr. would not veto it as we live in an earthquake country. :slight_smile:


Something like this perhaps? I like it because the hooks fold up when not needed. It also comes in a 3 hook version for $22.


Similar style:


Featherweight you say? Dakota Fields Feather Wall Décor | Wayfair

Or a tapestry wall hanging - but instead of hanging on the wall, suspend it from the ceiling right next to the wall. Charlotte Home Furnishings Water Lilies Les Nympheas European Tapestry Wall Hanging | Wayfair



You could decoupage a print directly on the wall. Maybe paint a frame around it. Could look nice if well done.


Oh boy, a thread I’ll definitely be addicted to… :slight_smile: Thank you!


Do you prefer a hook that is metal? Black, brass or pewter/silver family??? Is the rest of the entryway/house modern, traditional, beachy or…???

Or frame out some fancy wall paper! Super cool ideas out there. Now I’m looking at wallpaper…down another rabbit hole…


I like the classic Shaker peg rails and they have cherry if you want to match your bench.


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or even better a peel and stick mural which can be removed if you want!


I’ve done that for myself - and gifted one for my son.

Did you use this company? How hard to put up? It’s really got me thinking about doing one in guest room.

…or beautiful fabric!