Home decor projects! Help me find..(fill in the blank)!

It’s a miracle…I have a refrigerator! The dealer called out of the blue and I think I startled them with my (happy) response!

I love it!


Anyone put up cafe lights? Where would I find some sturdy, 12 foot poles? How do I attach the strings of lights to the poles? I don’t think I want to use wooden 4x4s.

Congrats on the new fridge. It looks just perfect there!!

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That’s the one I wanted!

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Help - I had to replace a built-in fridge with a counter depth fridge. Now I have a big ugly space over my fridge. The space I need to fill is 13 inches tall x 36 inches wide x 12 inches deep. For a cabinet the measurement would be 12 inches tall, to leave an inch clearance above fridge.
Option 1 is to order something from current cabinet manufacturer and wait 17-18 weeks for delivery.
I am hoping someone more creative than I am may have other ideas as to what we can do with this space, that will actually look really good.
Once we get figure out what to put in the space, we plan to have all of our cabinets painted white, so hopefully that will deal with any matching issue.

How about a shelf for cookbooks?


Hm… interesting idea.
That would be pretty easy to do and pretty inexpensive.

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You have electricity up there. Put a shelf with spot lights and (more like a box) and put a beautiful Glass bowl standing up.

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Nice idea, but actually the electricity is going to go away when they come back to move the outlet. (Installation logistics - team they sent doesn’t do electric).

I wonder if you could find something in stock at IKEA that would fit there. Either something closed or something open (like two cubbies on their side).

Paint it and put a shelf with low light plants???

Some kind of vertical storage organizer for cutting boards, cookie sheets, large platters, etc. like this: Vertical Pan Rack Cabinet Over Refrigerator - Transitional - Kitchen

Another example on this page: the best functional overhead fridge cabinet solutions | mecc


Absolutely LOVE the cabinet color in that vertical pan rack link. Love the solution, too.

We had that same problem and put a vertical instead of horizontal trim we had for the cabinets. In other words like a baseboard piece of wood from the cabinet to the refrigerator. Its up high enough that it blends right in with the cabinets.

Can you explain what you mean a little more? Thanks
Or maybe even post a pic.

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Thanks. It helps to see what others have done.
I went to Home Depot today and priced out the one cabinet I will need. It will be about 400 or so, and then a contractor I met there said it would likely be 250-300 to get someone to install in. The lady said 18 weeks for delivery once I order. That is likely the route I will go. It seems expensive for 1 little cabinet, but it’s a lot less total than the 15K to get the built in with stainless sides.

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The cabinets are from Home Depot.