Home decor projects! Help me find..(fill in the blank)!

No guests in there for overnight (they use the upstairs main bath). I have a couple of appointments scheduled next week with bath designers. I have no idea of a budget, really. We did a gut job in the master 2 years ago, moved walls, blew out the shower - :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:- DH said not to go crazy downstairs but I don’t know what that means.

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What about a small corner vanity? Something like this would fit exactly:


Or they do make 25” vanities:



How do I upload a photo?

I like the 25 inch vanity idea but be really careful of measurements. the 24 might actually be better.
I had a little more space than you but also have a weird shaped powder room. I found an old very small antique dresser (I refinished it) and had a hole cut in the top for the sink.

You might consider putting the towel rack (or a decorative hook) on either flat wall and using the angled wall for some type of shelving to hold soap/kleenex etc. In that case I would stick with the pedestal sink (I have a shell shaped one I really like.) I assume you have a mirror over the sink?

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This is where the sink was cut into the top.


Countertop only. (with lav recessed in top). Keep the space below open. It is such a tiny room that leaving open space will help the illusion of more space (vs a full cabinet). Large mirror helps too. If you need more (or temporary) storage, a basket below?


I’m not sure about the corner ones. Spatially, it would work but all of my plumbing is in the center of the wall and I’m afraid running new pipes will take away cabinet space. The wall to the left is exterior so moving it over there is a no-no.

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Glass shelves for soap, etc. cute waste basket and towel rack.

I like the sound of the open space but not sure how I feel about seeing the pipes. I know you can now but that was the builder’s choice and not mine. I was thinking about a console sink but I can’t decide if it feels too “modern” or too “old fashioned”.

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A custom floating vanity? That will be easier to fill the space and probably less costly than a cabinet! If the lip is wide enough, it will conceal the pipes.

Some ideas:

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Be careful with floating vanities. 90% of the time you are going to have to open up the wall and move plumbing

Maybe I am incorrect, but j believe that a custom one can be easily built to accommodate the existing plumbing (the poster is considering a custom job).

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Suggestion on floating vanity. You can easily cut/customize IKEA cabinets to be floating or fit regular height in odd spaces. You have to be diligent knowing which ones to buy at height and width. If you buy the 24” deep regular kitchen cabinet you can cut the backs to 22” deep and still get the drawers in fine. But only if there is an IKEA cabinet style you like


Would something like this work in the powder room? @helpingmom40


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It looks nice, but it lacks an important functionality: there is not much space on the top to put a soap dish or anything else.

What I meant is a shelf like floating vanity without any cabinets underneath. A countertop that fills the space with a sink and a front lip that covers the pipes underneath. I saw some pictures on the web, but the links are all to Etsy or Pinterest which can’t be used here.

The link can’t be used…but you could post a picture.

The little sink I posted actually does have room for a small soap holder…on both sides of the faucet. A friend built a “little house” and that is what she put in the bathroom. I can’t show a copy of hers…but plenty of room on one side for either a soap dish or bottle, and on the other side for hand lotion or whatever. The single lever sink is what makes it work.

If someone goes to Amazon and searches for “small bathroom sinks with cabinets” a lot of choices come up.

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“The link can’t be used…but you could post a picture.”

I do not think CC overlords are going to be happy about us using photos without acknowledging the copyright owner. :slight_smile:

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Kind of like this one in the top photo but not with a vessel sink! :laughing:


I like that! Looks very current

Another way to do a floating type vanity is to just install a quartz or stone countertop fabricated to exact shape with a stone apron front. Similar to the lovely wood one above (that would have to be custom made to get those drawers in there). Not that you really need the front apron to hide all the plumbing stuff