Home for Thanksgiving..?

<p>Looking ahead, do most Wash U students go home for Thanksgiving? In our case, we are in CA, so the travel time is significant. I would appreciate hearing from current students or parents on this one. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'd say 85%+ of people that live in the US go home..I too live in CA, its only a four hour plane flight.</p>

<p>I won't be going home, I don't have that kind of money</p>

<p>I'll fly home to NC for Thanksgiving.</p>

<p>I bought tickets already. I know it'll be a crazy time, with everyone else leaving, so I got tickets now. Hopefully I saved some $$$ (and hopefully I coordinated the flight with his brother who also has to fly home!)</p>

<p>I also bought airline tickets already for D.</p>

<p>If you can't go home, will the dorms be closed? Can you choose to stay on campus?</p>

<p>D will be a senior this year. Ever since freshman year, we have waited until classes have started to see what kind of schedule she has before booking flights. On occassion, professors will cancel their classes the Tuesday before. One year her schedule allowed her to fly out on Monday afternoon. She was home nearly a week for Thanksgiving - it was great!</p>

If you can't go home, will the dorms be closed? Can you choose to stay on campus?


<p>the dorms don't close for Thanksgiving break, so yes you can choose to stay. There are usually a fair number of people who do.</p>

<p>WashU attracts students from all over the country. Why, oh why, can't they give everybody the entire week off, and make up those two measly days by tacking on at the beginning or end of the year?</p>

<p>Summer vacation is 15 weeks long. I wish they'd make summer vacation 14.8 weeks long, and let the students have a real Thanksgiving break.</p>

<p>OK, that's my only rant about the school. :)</p>

<p>heyalb, I'd have the civil war going on around here if one of my kids had a full week for T-giving and another only 5 days. Besides, they come home to see their friends, do some laundry, get a home cooked meal, and make sure we didn't move. They can do all that in 4-5 days.</p>

<p>i suspect that the reason they give us longer Christmas/summer breaks, with fewer and shorter breaks in between, is that WashU has relatively large numbers of international students, who probably couldn't even go home if it were a full week... just my guess :) </p>

<p>A few more breaks here and there would be nice though.</p>