Home school transcript and school report on Common app

Hi everyone, I’m currently a high school senior in China. I have submitted multiple college applications now and will submit the rest of the applications by next week. Because I’m homeschooled, or you can say being enrolled in an accredited online school, I’m experiencing a lot of issues with the Common app school report section.

Some background info:
I was enrolled in a local private school from 6th-9th grade. Then, I switched to an accredited US online school at 10th grade. This school will provide a transcript, GPA, high school diploma and everything, but they don’t provide college counselors. Therefore they are mailing my transcript to all the colleges that I’m applying. And my mom, who acts as my college counselor writes the counselor’s recommendation. However, she is not able to submit the school report section of the Common app in which requires her to upload the official high school transcript that we don’t have access to (We do have an unofficial transcript though). I don’t know if the school report section is important for making the admissions decision or not, but that section includes the curriculum, grading scale, class info, and an additional homeschool information field provided only for homeschoolers. While some college that I’ve applied only indicate that they need an official transcript, some specifically required a school report. And here are my questions:

  1. Should I contact the colleges that specifically require a school report and ask them if they can waive it, or should I have my mom figure out a way to submit it?
  2. Is the school report crucial for making admissions decisions?
  3. Is there are possibility that all colleges implied the submissions for a school report even though they only required a transcript?

Any suggestion or comment helps!