Home schooling grades and transcript

Good morning, my name is John; and I fell into a really uncommon scenario. Basically, I am still in high school. I went to this small private school near me, and my plan was to apply for Bright Futures. Now, Bright Futures requires fifteen high school credits and turns out this private school I was going to is a sham! They are not accredited and cannot provide me with any transcripts or high school credits. I wasted all my high school years there, and I am about to be a senior. I am now enrolled as a home school student in a dual enrollment program. I seemed to have developed a lot of stress and depression over this which counter productively knocked down my GPA from 4.0 to 3.89… I cannot afford college at all. It is impossible for me. How can I qualify for Bright Futures as a home school student that I am now? SAT scores and GPA isn’t an issue for me currently. My DE GPA is 3.89 and SAT 1400. I have a lot of capacity to learn and a very strong will to do whatever amount of work necessary for me to get into college now. I’ve always taken pride in my academics, and it’s something I enjoy; but my stress has been through the roof because of this which dropped my GPA to 3.89…

Someone on here told me I can qualify because my parents can make a transcript and certify my courses? I have taken all of the courses at home. I have aced the highest Terranova available for the year every time.

I would really appreciate a response on this ASAP. Also, how does Bright Futures work? Do I just submit my 1400 SAT and the community service hours and that is good enough for a FAS award?

I also have a good DE transcript, worst grade was a B+

What kind of work did you do, John? Have you taken any college courses?

@twoinanddone, Do you know anything about Bright Futures?


It appears that your test score is high enough, luckily, since they don’t accept parent transcripts.

I did everything that was required up until my grade- including advanced writing and English as well as Spanish
@austinmshauri @milgymfam How does the application work once submitted? Is it a lottery seems advertised as a guarantee?!

Yes, but you did them at a now-defunct school? One that lacks accreditation? They’re very specific about acceptable sources of credits/transcripts. I’m not familiar with the process, sorry. We don’t live in FL.

@milgymfam So, they’re not lotteries? They’re given grants? The school was a scam- so yes; but from what I can concur from some insights here, I wouldn’t need the credits nor a transcript either way since I am applying as a homeschooled student? Thank you for your help thus far- and trying to help even though you’re not even in Florida! I hope someone from Florida with more insight can chime in soon.

You should consider taking and passing the GRE to give yourself some backup. Not just for now but it could come in very handy in the future given the lack of documentation.

The GRE is for entry into grad school. Did you mean a GED?

Homeschoolers don’t need the GED to get accepted to college. I think they have better admission results with the SAT/ACT and a high school transcript. If the parents create a transcript that meets state requirements and OP gets a college degree, why would they need additional documentation in the future?