Homecoming Prince on the Common App?

Debating whether or not to put it on.
Here’s how I see it

adds a new dimension to my application: profile does not point to the popular type (do not play a sport, good grades)
shows respect and approval of peers + from a large public school
Asian Americans are apparently rated lower on personality scores so I think this is good at dispelling that
I also state that I would like to run for public office some day so peer approval might be important.

seems stupid
do college admissions actually care about something so trivial? It seems like a dumb HS popularity award
may indicate that I take this too seriously + indicates immaturity?

The way I personally saw winning HC court was that my peers respected me and I have high approval throughout the student body.

I think that you should put it on if you have room and it is not taking up a space that could be used for another activity. I agree that it shows you have the respect of your peers. Congrats!

I say leave it off. You don’t want to leave colleges with the impression that winning a popularity contest is one of the most important awards you’ve received. It’s nice, but it was more of a gift. It’s not like you had to work hard towards an accomplishment to earn it.

I will be tie breaker (ha!) and say put it on but put it in a low spot – like 2nd to last. And say something like 'Homecoming Court: Voted by classmates to be one of X students on 2018 Homecoming court to represent school during Spirit Week" – something like that. Avoid word Prince. :).

I think colleges want students who are well liked by their peers and bring social skills to college, and, alas, I agree with you that it does goes against stereotype for Asian American students so it may make you stand out.

And I would go further to say you did accomplish this by being a respected student at your school.

Good luck!

@uwuowo ,
Instead of listing it, would you consider weaving it into your essay? You could make yourvessay interesting and insightlful (as opposed to predictable and ho hum).

'cuz it is, IMO. If you were female and not named Sandra Bullock, would you list Miss Congeniality?


All valid points. But I think you would be better served weaving them into an essay.

I’d put it on, but in the lowest spot. I can’t see it hurting.

I would include it. I agree with the wording above re “voted by peers…spirit week”. I think it shows qualities important to a college, including the fact you get along well with others. But yes, list in the 9th or 10th spot. May sire you include what this means in the description.

*make sure
(sorry for the error).