homeschooler: retake SAT I vs. more SAT IIs in january

<p>Currently attend MIT but little sis is homeschooled (and not CC proficient) and applying to the big H. I've deliberated and asked around and still not sure on this one... she's got 2110 SAT I (taken once and a while ago) and 750 in french and lit SAT iis. Rest of the app is extremely strong and rigorous in almost every aspect but SAT I's clearly crappy. Original game plan was to retake SAT I in January and take math, chem and bio SAT IIs earlier this month but she got strep and couldn't make it to test day. If it were us over at the 'tute I'd say the subject tests since I know the writing etc. on the SAT isn't weighed as heavily here, but what would you guys deem best for the Ivies? She's really talented mathematically, taken up to differential equations already etc., so maybe the math subject isn't as important, but hasn't taken AP chem or bio (or any strong level of either) so i'm wondering if that's more useful to round out the app or if 2110 is just too low to even risk it and if the breadth from the subject tests is more important as a homeschooler. thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I would go for the SAT I. There is greater room for improvement and the SAT IIs show strength in multiple areas (no need to beat a dead horse). Getting a 2200 or 2300 the second time around could greatly increase her chance at acceptance.</p>

<p>yeah that's what I thought -- but you don't think the lack of any documented proficiency in a challenging science besides physics hurts? she's gonna go into science but is more math/physics/programming, no real chem/bio background. she knows the stuff but on paper it doesn't really show besides potentially taking those. my instinct is definitely to agree with you though</p>

<p>I tentatively agree; does she have AP tests in math/physics she could send? They're not as heavily weighted as SAT IIs, but if she has those APs, I wouldn't be worried about taking math/physics SAT IIs to prove her competency extra-thoroughly. The APs would show competency, and that would be enough that she should go retake the SAT I.</p>

<p>no she doesn't have the APs that's the problem, literally nothing tangible in terms of chem or bio. that's why the december subjects were critical and why getting sick sucks. what would you do then? also whenever i lurk on here i find you to be by and large the most insightful student on the harvard boards, so i'm glad you commented :P</p>

<p>reread your post and wanted to clarify -- yes she has lots of math and physics AP's college courses blah blah blah -- just nothing in terms of chem/bio which is why she wanted to take those SAT IIs. my concern is the lack of well-roundedness given those 2 subjects basically missing on paper</p>

<p>She is in tough situation. I would retake the SAT.. I think a big jump could significantly increase her chances, while having several subject test scores wouldn't help her as much with a low SAT (by Harvard standards). Two subject tests is the requirement. It would be nice to have breadth, especially as a homeschooler, but breadth will only benefit her signifcantly if she has high-quality base scores. Good luck!</p>

<p>Glad to give my two cents, couch124.</p>

<p>As I homeschooler, I think she really needs to take a couple more of these standardized tests to show her proficiency in her chosen subjects. There is no real way for adcoms to know her academic ability unless she is measure against the other kids in the nation/world. But seeing her lack of time, I would suggest the following:</p>

<p>I think if she has substantial (as in you look at that on her app and you know she's a math genius) material on her math/physics, I would advise her to 1) take the SATs and score above 2250 hopefully and 2) apply for a math major and then maybe transfer to chem/bio later. At this point it's all about strategy. </p>

<p>Hope that was helpful.</p>