Homeschooling halfway into senior year

I currently am thinking of switching to homeschooling for the rest of my senior year. With the pandemic, it has really damped my sense of a “real school” and I have struggled to keep up with it. With homeschooling, I can schedule everything to fit my schedule. I work a full-time job, I know I don’t have to, but I help supplement my household income, so I do need to. This has given me very little free time to work on school, and there are so many due dates constantly. I only need three more credits to fully graduate and get into college. I also have already been accepted into the college of my choice. I just need some outsider’s opinions on where I should turn next.

Throughout my entire academic career, I have had a 3.5+ GPA, honors/ ap classes, and worked myself to breaking points. I don’t see the point of continuing to break myself when it can possibly be avoided by giving myself the time I need to do my assignments to the best of my ability. I could also take courses that are better suited for me. This form of online classes, honestly, sucks in my school. It is a rural area that didn’t have much to offer to begin with, and now it is much worse.

Oh, and another question I had was pertaining specifically to the Texas laws on homeschooling. It says you must take the five core subjects each year, but I have already completed two of those with my public high school. Would I still need to complete those, even for just a semester?

I would think carefully about this. If you were already accepted into college, it is most likely based on your senior courses both in progress and planned. Changing to a new program this late in the year may jeopardize this. Do you have any other options? Could you discuss this with your guidance counselor?

You need to contact the college that you plan to attend and see if it matters to them.


I’ve emailed them, no response yet. I’m hoping they can give me some more options or just some help.