Homeschooling Records

<p>I'm transitioning from public school to home school for my senior year. The reasons are semi-personal, so I won't go into them on here. But does anyone have advice for me? I'm hoping to go to HYP. Also, if I get in touch with my high school counselor next year at admissions time, could I get an official transcript for my three years still?</p>

<p>[ul][<em>]I'd try to get a copy of the transcript now in case there's trouble later. I don't know if law requires them to give them to you after you've gone or not!?[</em>]You don't have to tell US why you're changing schools, but you'll need a good reason for the schools you apply to - maybe if you say how you can go into greater depth while homeschooling, or whatever it is that makes homeschooling better.[<em>]There are at least several dozen schools as good as HYP - look for something that fits academically and financially as well[</em>]Choose a safety you can love - many extremely qualified people don't get into HYP[<em>]You'll need two teacher recommendations, so if you're leaving on bad terms with the school, try not to let that bleed over into the relationships you have with teachers, OR, find people in the community who can say how lovely you are[</em>]Be sure that you use the freed-up time well so you look like you are running to something better instead of from something bad[*]good luck![/ul]</p>

<p>Thank you GeekMom63!</p>

<p>You certainly do! Please start a new thread with a decent title and specific questions so we will know HOW to help! :D</p>

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<p>GeekMom's advice is excellent.
I would suggest letting us know here what your circumstances are. I think this is a friendly audience, and you are anonymous, after all.
Just generally, with a home schooled daughter at Princeton, I think that elite college admissions officers are well aware that the high school experience is limited.
But this is a low risk environment in which to tell us your story.</p>

<p>Oh, it's certainly not a "juicy" story. I'm just dissatisfied with the pacing, mostly. I have great relationships with the teachers and everything. I'm also quite the social butterfly, and I don't think I'll lose that if I'm homeschooled.
I just posted a more general question with more specifics in the "What Are My Chances?" forum if anyone's interested! :)</p>

<p>Please ignore post #4 - it was in response to a different post that has since disappeared.</p>

<p>I'm about to search for your "My Chances" thread.
My two home schoolers so far ended up at Dartmouth and Princeton. Of all the posts on these threads, I don't think I can remember either of these schools questioned on their academics. Only on their social arrangements. And never that they were not social enough. Rest assured, being smart and being social is more than possible.</p>