Homesick Boy wants to transfer to a UC

<p>My son had a very solid high school gpa 4.25 with 5 completed AP's (Chemistry 5, Calculus 5, Physics 3, AP Lit 4 and AP History 5). He was accepted as a Chemistry major at Cal Poly SLO and UCSB. He is at a presigious out of state school where he has switched from Chemistry to Accounting to Engineering as majors. Has decided to major in Accounting again and wants to transfer back to a state school to save us money. His gpa is only 2.5 but his grades are better this semester. He wants to go to a cc for a spring semester to be home. Does he have a chance at any UC's or Cal States??? Does his high school grades or SAT scores come into play when applying for a transfer? Can he mention his earlier acceptance out of high school??</p>

<p>He needs to go online and see Transfer guidelines for these schools. Please remember that California public colleges have impacted majors, so he needs to look at that also.</p>

<p>Also, are you both aware that the application period for the UCs is over on Nov 30? Not sure about all of the state schools/Cal Poly. Is he filling out those applications now? Even if he is planning to transfer for next fall those apps need to be submitted this month. As for the other questions, it is best if he tries to speak with admissions at the schools he is interested in. But I know that there is room on the application to tell your individual stories so I am sure he could talk about his experience</p>