Homework Help! :)

<p>I know, I know, you're all thinking that this shouldn't be put in the Parents Cafe...but I need some help from the crowd of a different generation who'd be willing to answer a few questions!</p>

<p>I have to complete a small project for my English class exploring the changes that society and tradition undergo throughout time. The assignment is to interview members of my own family, excepting our parents; however, my parents and I are the only people in our family who speak English, and I have never learned Spanish (I am Puerto Rican), so it would be difficult to obtain this information, as you can see.</p>

<p>If you could take the time to answer these questions, that would be amazing :) You don't need to go into immense detail, just whatever you'd like to say. No extremely personal information is required (such as last name, state of residency, profession, anything that would identify you) but I only ask that you leave your age. Thank you so so much :)</p>

<p>Question 1: What sort of social values do you see today that are different from the ones you were taught when you were younger? How do you react to this?
Question 2: What famous figure has had the greatest impact on you?
Question 3: What sort of customs did you celebrate in your household growing up? Do you still celebrate these? Have they changed over time?
Question 4: Can you think of any major change that has occurred in your life? How has it impacted you?
Question 5: Do you have any memories of your educational background that are important to you? How do you think education has changed since you have been in school?
Question 6: Do you have any significant family slogans or wisdom passed around in your family?
Question 7: Can you identify specific “characters” in your family? For example, a family member that always seems to tell a good joke.
Question 8: Do you have any sorts of rites of passage your family celebrates? What significance is placed on this event?</p>