Homework Time

Hello all! So I have a question about how long my homework will take in each class because I need to manage my time and I can have time to do what I need to do. Here are my classes:

-Dual Enrollment ENGL 1101

-Dual Enrollment HIST 2111

-AP Physics 1

-Acc Pre-Calc

-AP Computer Science Principles

-French 3

no one can answer that for you - it varies from person to person and teacher to teacher etc. Honestly if you are in advanced courses it is something you will be able to figure out. There may be days of tons of homework, days with little, some tests need more time to study for than others etc.

All depends on your schedules in school and out of school. I basically took all AP classes this year, but I never did any homework at home (I also didn’t have time to because of extracurriculars). I suggest that if your school has a study hall typ of period, use it to its fullest potential. It made my junior year (what was supposed to be a stressful year with 5 APs) a breeze. Good luck! Your classes sound like fun.

Nobody can tell you. Variables include your aptitude for the subjects, your teachers etc.