Honest chances of getting into UNC chapel hill

4th out of 219 in class
2040 on SATS
31 on ACTS
4 on AP US History and 4 on AP English Comp
Senior course: AP Physics 2, AP Calculus, AP literature, AP US Government, Honors Chem 2, H Theology,
Junior courses: AP Physics 1, AP US History, AP english comp, H intro to calc, H trig, H theology</p>

<p>Community Service: Hospital Volunteer, local red cross volunteer where i am member of youth committee and teach first aid class to kids, lector at church, tutor at boys and girls club, and volunteer at local soup kitchens</p>

National Honor Society member and president, president and founder of red cross club at my high school, member of Pennsylvania math league and catholic math league, student council representative my junior and senior year, first team all conference basketball player and second team all area basketball player</p>

4 year varsity basketball and softball player, played AAU three years in high school, </p>

<p>I also attended the National Student Leadership Conference for Medicine and Healthcare in DC last year.</p>

<p>I applied early action to UNC and its my number 1!!!</p>

<p>oh and 3.97/4 unweighted gpa</p>

<p>sorry keep forgetting stuff....im white and from a catholic school in pennsylvania</p>

<p>All of your stats look amazing. You look like a great candidate for Chapel Hill. I would say you have a really good chance, but out-of-state can be unpredictable at times. Goodluck!</p>