Honest chances?

<p>I met the admissions officer, he seems to like me. he asked me what my SAT scores were and I replied 1270. he said "nice." My score is one of the highest scores in the south Bronx (education system is bad). Does being a URM from a tough place help?</p>

<p>it helps but how much is up for debate. if everything else about your app is bad, it's obviously not going to do anything. if you have solid stuff, then it can be a boost. either way...it's a touchy subject...who really knows right?</p>

<p>haosquared is right, the rest of you app matters too. if your score is one of the highest in the south Bronx, that means you probably have one of the highest ranks in your class right? that would help quite a bit... do you have good extra-curriculars? how's your GPA compared to others in your class?</p>