honestly, chance me for anywhere?

<p>I'm an upcoming senior who wants to get into big and great schools but my parents dont wanna pay the money at all, i know they have it but they want me to get a scholarship instead. So i just wanted to know if my profile would suffice for my somewhat lack in scores</p>


<p>PSAT: 234
math - 800
critical reading - 740
writing - 800</p>

<p>SAT: 2210 (superscore)
math - 800
critical reading - 680
writing - 730 (10)</p>

<p>2170 (single sitting)
math - 790
critical reading - 650
writing - 730 (10)</p>


<p>ACT - 31 (not looking at submitting, unless its recommended? But perfect in math and above 30 in reading and English, science was like a 27 though)</p>

<p>SAT II's : math - 800 (took as a sophomore i was really happy about it!! :)
u.s. history - 740 (i was thinking about retaking but im not a score obsessed freak especially since its history and i'll prolly major in the sciences of math)
chem - 670 (really weak for great schools :/)</p>

Rank: 5 out of 825
Weighted GPA: 4.65
Unweighted GPA: 3.95 (only two B's in whole high school career)</p>

<p>Sophomore AP's: AP Calculus BC (3, subscore of 4) AP Biology (4) AP World History (4)
Junior AP's: AP US History AP Latin AP Language and Composition AP Statistics AP Chemistry (all scores coming in july with the exception of latin, our school has two years of ap latin to prepare for the test so im gonna take a second year)
Senior AP's: planning to take AP Gov/Econ AP Latin AP Physics AP Art History AP Literature and Composition, will also be taking Calculus III at local community college (because i maxed out all the math classes at my school, first student in school history to do so, really happy about that haha)</p>

Freshman Year: Freshman Soccer Captain, Academic Decathlon Member, Key Club Member, Varsity Tennis Member
Sophomore Year: Junior Varsity Soccer Captain, Academic Decathlon Co-captain, National Honor Society member, Varsity Tennis Member
Junior Year: Varsity Soccer Member, Academic Decathlon Co-captain, NHS Public Relations, Leo Club Co-President (founder), Varsity Tennis Member
Senior Year: Academic Decathlon Captain, NHS President, Leo Club Co-President (founder), Varsity Tennis Member (maybe captain?, wont find out until february though), HOSA President (co-founder), MAO Club (founder, its mu alpha theta)</p>

<p>I also have been playing piano for about 11 years and i started CM 6 years ago and i'm on level 7. I have been playing guitar for about 6 years and i was in Jazz Band my freshman year, even though I was not in jazz band for the remainder of high school i still play and practice to this day.</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience:
Freshman Year: Tutored students in Piano and Guitar, to help prepare them for the music world in high school (band director was a real dick)
Sophomore Year to Junior Year: Year Long Research with the AP Chem teacher at my school (nanocrystalline research, too long to explain just google it if you want to educate yourselves on what its about lol)
Summer before Senior Year: Summer Research at a Cal-state (working with titanium and its reactions to the human flesh, in other words, is titanium the best metal for orthopedic surgeons to use, like does it last a certain period of time then start to deteriorate, i also applied for this research position because i want to be an orthopedic surgeon :) )
Senior Year:Thinking about getting a job at abercrombie, hollister, american eagle?</p>

Southern California
Competitive public school (total of 3500 students), lots of rich people though (but they arent the smart ones XD)
White Jewish Male (parents were both born in Iran though so technically im persian but thats still white for college)
Parents make lots of money (don't wanna spend it for undergrad, want to save it for grad so i NEED SCHOLARSHIPS TO GREAT SCHOOLS!!)</p>

and if you say i have no chance please tell me what i can do to better my chances!</p>

<p>THANK YOU!!</p>

<h2>You won't get in anywhere. You're hopeless. Commit seppuku immediately.</h2>

<p>Seriously, though, with a little more depth (as opposed to breadth) in your ECs, maintaining those superb grades, and good essays on your app, you should have a good shot anywhere.</p>

<p>hahaha how do u suppose i get more depth in my ec's?</p>

<p>HAHAHAHAHA You're going to Community College you dumbass.</p>

<p>^get the **** out of here</p>

<p>Raise your SAT to around 2250, and you have a great shot everywhere. Also, I love Aca Deca, you made a great choice by being in it all 4 years. I didn't even know it was possible :p
Anyways, you could always head to somewhere like USC and get a free ride. You're also set at regents scholarships at lower UC's(maybe even UCLA/UC Berkeley). Look mostly at private schools, they give out the most money. Although I've heard NYU is absolute garbage at financial aid.</p>

<p>I don't really know what pzevallos216 was talking about, but it appears that you have great depth in your E.C.'s and have made progression each year. Your resume overall looks fantastic. You're a match at anywhere but the ivies (and the other top privates such as WUSTL where no one is a match), but you still have a shot even there. I agree that raising your SAT even 50 points would help immensely.</p>

<p>I missed the "jobs" section. My bad, yo.</p>

<p>thanks everyone! and yeah im studying SAT like crazy this summer just to get it as close to 23 as possible, what do u guys think about chem though? i wanna retake it but im not sure..</p>

<p>Well, seeing as you wanna become an orthopedic surgeon, you should present an aptitude in science to colleges, so I'd recommend a retake in Chemistry or a high score in another science test like biology E/M.</p>