Honestly, my chances?

<p>Alright, so I'd just like to know if there is any chance that I'd be admitted to Elon University. I have a 2.8 GPA (i know, far below Elon's average) and a flat 1800 on the SATS's. I am Senior Class President, Worked in the Senate for the summer, 3 sport Varsity athlete, on yearbook, on morning announcements, have community service, and have been in charge of several school spirit events. Do i have even the slightest chance?</p>

<p>Is that GPA weighted or unweighted? Elon calculates a weighted GPA. Look at your solids - math, science, social studies, English and foreign language. If it was an honors class - add 1 point. If it was an AP class - add 2 points.</p>

<p>So - a "B" in an honors science class is worth 4 points rather than 3. A "B" in an AP English class is worth 5 points rather than 3. Why don't you look at your grades for 9th, 10th and 11th grades and try to recalculate your GPA in this manner and see what happens.</p>

<p>Did you apply EA? How are your grades so far this year? You may be deferred from EA to the RD round - but having great grades for senior year would help you to get accepted after that.</p>

<p>But - recalculate your GPA first - it might be better than you think.</p>

<p>My school has a weird system, so it would be hard to calculate my GPA the way you mentioned, but that you for commenting back. As for my classes though, I am in all honors. I also did apply EA.</p>

<p>I think a lot will depend on how Elon evaluates your transcript. The fact that you have many honors level classes will help - your test scores are reasonably ok - your ECs look good - I think you have a reasonable shot. Good luck.</p>

<p>Hey! So, last year I applied for EA and was deferred with stats that were a lot higher than yours (4.0 GPA, 1900 SAT). I also held various leadership positions, was in 3 honor societies, took all AP/honors, and volunteered often. I was completely baffled as to why I was deferred originally, and honestly, I never figured out why. However, don't let my little story discourage you, because there is a chance you can get in! What is key is to contact your admissions counselor to tell him/her how interested you are in Elon. Elon does factor in demonstrated interest, and I credit part of the reason I got in RD to my contact with my admissions counselor. </p>

<p>To be honest, I knew many people with statistics similar to yours that were flat out rejected within the EA pool. It is becoming extremely competitive to gain entrance into Elon, and most people who apply have high GPAs and decent test scores. Like I said before, there's still definitely a chance you can get in, but just have a back up plan.</p>

<p>Thank you. I mean that doesnt really make me feel better haha but it really helps me. Its one of my top choices (I applied to 4 other places), and if I get in i'll probably end of going. But I've never really thought that I've had that good of a chance since I applied. Its gotten really hard to get into!</p>

<p>I got in!?!?!?!</p>