Honestly, what are my chances?

<p>GPA UW(school doesn't do weighted): 3.34(currently a junior)
-School ranking top 30 in Washington state
-If i keep up my grades it will be around 3.4-3.5 by the end of senior year.
-1 AP class, 1 Honors, 1 College, 1 Advanced(not sure if they all fall under same category)
-ACT: 27 (writing component 10, probably reatking it to bring it up to 28-30)
-SAT 1600(bad, retaking it)
-asian american
-community service: 200+ hours(mostly at senior centers)
-FBLA-office chairsperson for one year
-Key Club for 2 years
-Cross Country for 3 years
-Newspaper Staff
-Biology recognition
-Part time job for 2 consecutive summers
....That's all i have so far. I plan on getting more leadership activities in and hopefully my 3.3 will at least rise to a 3.4.</p>

<p>The schools i am interested in are:
-University of Washington(high interest)
-Western Washington
-Chapman University
-Boston University(high interest)
-Syracuse(high interest)</p>

<p>Thanks, guys.</p>

<p>Don't send your SAT score to schools if you cannot make it to 2000+; assuming that you can get a 30+ on ACT ultimately and you could write intriguing essays, I think you can definitely get into any of the schools on your list. :)</p>