Honestly, will I get in?

<h2>I realllllllly want to go to FSU, it is my first choice school. However, since I am from Virginia, out of state, my parents and friends are telling me that i probably wont get accepted. here is my resume</h2>

Unweighted GPA 3.70
AP - Language & Composition, Economics, Literature, Government
Honors - Chemistry, Geosystems
Pre AP – English, History

National Honor Society

Varsity Track and Filed
Junior Varsity Basketball
Freshman Basketball

Volunteer, Jump Start Program (mentoring 7th graders
adjusting to middle school)
Volunteer, various charity events and school related functions



Summer 2011
Grocery Store Clerk

Burke and Springfield Youth Club Basketball

Youth Basketball Referee

Self Employed


Disc Jockey

<p>Other Talents, Awards and Activites:</p>

<p>Proficient Guitar Player (5 years)
Advanced Piano Player (12 years)
AAU Basketball Player (8 years)</p>

<h2>Grassroots Basketball Coach and Manager (6 months)</h2>

<p>My SAT scores are 570 Math, 700 Reading, 610 Writing.
I've also heard that because I'm a black male I have a better chance of getting in but idk how much truth there really is to that. </p>

<p>And if I wouldnt get accepted into FSU what do you think my chances are of getting into UCF?</p>

<p>Thanksss in advance :D</p>

<p>I think you are easily in.</p>

<p>^^i agree^^.
At UCF you are a shoe in as well. Apply early though to UCF, as in before the end of September.</p>

<p>You should be fine getting into FSU, and if anything, getting into UCF will be easier.</p>

<p>Virginia's public colleges (UVA, William & Mary) may be hard to get into out-of-state (they are ranked high on the US News rankings, etc.), but that isn't really true of FSU. Living in Virginia may have skewed your family/friends' opinions.</p>

<p>Only 11% of FSU's students are OOS, but I don't think that that is because of a rule (ex. UNC says only 18-19% of students can be OOS), and is instead because fewer [qualified] OOS students apply. Only half of FSU students have a GPA higher than yours, and your SAT scores are on par or above average.</p>

<p>I think it's true that black males have an advantage applying to some schools. (I think of this as <em>partly</em> because of Historically Black Colleges like Morehouse and Howard.) </p>

<p>Males in general may have the slightest of advantages - 56% of college students/applicants are female (or so ChaCha told me).</p>

<p>well thanks everyone! this is really giving me some relief :)</p>

Males in general may have the slightest of advantages - 56% of college students/applicants are female (or so ChaCha told me).


It's true... every time I look at the diversity profile of any college/university, the females always outnumber the males... I don't think I've ever seen an equal ratio or one where the females don't outnumber the males by more than 3 or 4%.</p>

<p>Under Board of Governors regulations, non-Florida resident enrollment across the state university system, now at about 8 percent, is capped at 10 percent. See this article in the tampa paper:</p>

<p>Florida's</a> state universities look at new revenue streams - St. Petersburg Times</p>

<p>Having said that, I think you look pretty good. Make sure you apply for the first admissions cycle. From the gist of the article, I'm not sure you can count on a lot of financial aid as an OOS.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>Some schools, especially the more selective ones either make sure to balance out their male-to-female ratio with majors like engineering that draw a higher percentage of male applicants, or decline more female applicants to make it even. Northeastern, U of Dayton, and a decent number of other non-Ivies have balanced ratios. But yes, it is uncommon!</p>

<p>Sorry for the false information about Florida's system! If you would like to go to a Florida college, and not getting financial aid is potentially a problem, then you could look into some of Florida's private colleges like University of Tampa. You qualify for $10-12K per year there (The</a> University of Tampa - Financial Aid - UT Scholarships and Grants), and it's tuition is only a couple thousand more than FSU or UCF.</p>

<p>Oh its all good, at least ur giving me some information, which I am grateful for! For me, financial aid is not a problem at all, and I doubt I would ever get any need based aid due to family income. However the 10-12k grant is very, very appealing :D Do you know if there are any major differences in the quality of education between UT and FSU/UCF</p>