Hong Kong v. Singapore Study Abroad

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>I am thinking about studying abroad in either Hong Kong or Singapore. I am currently a Finance major and I enjoy networking with many professionals and am looking for a place where I can experience excellent networking. So basically which location has a more prestigious business district. Aside from that which place would be "cheaper" and would be more English dominant and of course which place would have the best social/night life/things to do (clubs, shopping, sightseeing etc.)?</p>

<p>Any help is appreciated!</p>


<p>That is a hard question because they both provide very similar benefits. Singapore is the financial hub for southeast Asia while Hong Kong is a very large financial hub for china both countries do a ton of trading with the USA and they both speak English.</p>

<p>In my surface level option I would say Hong Kong because it will grant you access to China which is a huge trading partner for the USA. There is a ton of Chinese money invested in the states. Being a business major myself and having done some importing I would choose Honk Kong. Based on the simple fact it is a very large market to tap into.</p>