Honor Band Chaperones

<p>My son will be participating in the UA Honor Band in February. He is the only kid from his school attending and I will be his chaperone. (Honor Band requires chaperones for all the kids.) </p>

<p>For those of you who have attended in the past - will I be with my son during the rehearsals as well or will I be able to just drop him off for the day and pick him up at the end of the rehearsal? </p>

<p>Just trying to plan my 4 days in Tuscaloosa! :)</p>


<p>My friend has gone a couple times with her kids, I will ask her today. It's too early for me to call her now. I don't think she stayed with her kids, but I'll check for sure.</p>

<p>Thank you! I noticed that there is a University Days event the same time as Honor Band...thought I might check that out while I am there (actually went to a previous one already...but I am an information junkie!)</p>

<p>It's been years and years since my son was in UA's honor band, but I am almost certain that you will NOT need to attend rehearsals. In fact, I am not sure you would even have that option. I know I would have loved to do that and did not....</p>

<p>Any way, enjoy your time in T-town!</p>

<p>Sorry...still waiting for a response from my friend. She traveled to Wisconsin for Christmas and hasn't reponded to my email to her. </p>

<p>But, I completely agree with the above. I doubt you'd have to stay. I'm certain that when my friend has gone, she has gone shopping or hung out in Starbucks and read. I think the chaperones are for afterhours.</p>

<p>I was my daughter's chaperone for Honor Choir because she was the only student from her school and I was able to drop her off in the morning and come back for lunch breaks and at the end of the day.</p>