honor code essay

<p>i'm sorry if this post makes anyone feel uncomfortable in any way, but i am applying early decision to haverford and wrote my honor code essay...my guidance counselor read it and absolutely hated it. i tried to contrast my high school's environment to what i envision haverford's environment would be like with the honor code. i guess she thought i went a bit overboard, and in retrospect, i think she was right. however, she also told me that i shouldn't write <em>anything</em> negative about my high school in my essay, which i find difficult because i want to talk about its cheating problem. does anybody have an opinion on whether haverford's adcom would recoil from an applicant who said some mildly negative things about her high school? thanks!</p>

<p>also, i read archermom's post about the intense workload...but do the students manage to find balance in their lives between their work and other activities?</p>

<p>Absolutely, Crowndrandom. Late Friday, D and friends went to the Drag Ball...then a Halloween celebration at Bryn Mawr on Saturday night. They study hard, are very supportive of one another, and know when to let their hair down and have fun. The photos D sent looked interesting...and, they were having a good time.</p>

<p>D's secondary school has an honor code. So, it was easy for her write about how it worked and its impact on her. Perhaps a different spin is for you would be to tell what you look forward to with a governing honor code. That way, you wouldn't have to speak specifically to the negatives of your high school. Best of luck!</p>

<p>My D is also applying to Haverford. </p>

<p>I would say it is a good idea to be truthful and real in your essays, especially when discussing honor! However, you don't want to seem like a cranky, critical sort of person. There is probably a way of expressing your critique of HS with wit and insightfulness-- not seeming whiny or negative. Or, you can contrast "typical" school environment with Haverford's environment and not personalize the criticisms to your HS (except by implication.) If you think outside the box the same topic might work.</p>

<p>I wonder if your GC is worried that the school's reputation might suffer?</p>

<p>I agree strongly with the above, while I think "mildly negative things" would be okay, and possibly make your essay stronger, that could be a hard one to pull off - I definitely would not mention specific instances like cheating by others. The "what I look forward to with an honor code" tack is probably the best one to take. As SBmom points out, even an essay that mild, indirectly indicts your high school - if you had an honor code you wouldn't be "looking forward" to what life with one is like.</p>

<p>We toured several schools with strong honor codes that the schools take great pride in (and my daughter's high school is honor code run, which, by the way, doesn't prevent a cheating scandal!). What struck me about Haverford's was the Quaker, I assume, underpinnings. They carefully pointed out that it was not just student run in the sense that there was an elected honor council for enforcement, but that the entire student body debated changes to the Honor Code - perhaps explore what makes it different?</p>

<p>just wanted to thank everyone for their input. good luck if you are applying!!</p>