Honor Company

<p>This just in...4th company just won HONOR company!!!!!</p>

<p>4th Company/Honor Company!!!!!!!!!! WHOO WHOO 4th co!</p>


<p>DAVY!!!!!!!!! How the heck are ya pal?! Get ready for the "mommy invasion"! I'll be there in three more days and I'm hunting you down! Saw a photo of you from the Mets game. Your parents had to love that one. It was sooooo great. Hope all is going well with midterms for you. Hang tough, you'll be getting off the "rez" soon! Hey, could you keep the rain away this time? We wanna be outside on saturday for the big event. </p>

<p>Yeah and Blaaaaaa to those who got Iron Company too. I think it was a conspiracy!</p>