Honor Contracts and Honor Courses at a CCC

I wanted to create this thread because I was navigating and searching for more information about honor courses and honor contracts at California Community Colleges and I couldn’t find anything. (There was a lot of information about high school students taking honor classes) These are the classes that I’ll be taking for the Fall 2021 term at San Diego Mesa College. My major is Economics and I hope to transfer to UCLA or UC Berkeley for the Fall 2023 term.
104 Trigonometry
101 English
120 Personal Growth
121 Principles of Microeconomics
101 First Course in Spanish
I’m planning to make 2 honor contracts with my professors in my Math and Microeconomics class. (If they agree) I also wanted to ask my professor in Spanish if she would be interested in an honors contract but I’m not sure about the workload. I don’t have a job and am planning on focusing on my school work this semester. If anyone who has taken honor courses or honor contracts can share their own experience that would be so helpful!
*More background info: I know that the contracts differ from professor to professor but I wanted to ask if 3 honor contracts is too much in one semester. If people with honor contracts can share how many extra assignments/presentations/papers they had to do, it would help me get a better idea of how heavy the workload will be.

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@Eve203 – Mesa is a member of the UCLA TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) which gives a preference in admission to UCLA and also allows you to give a 2nd major in case you are not accepted for your first. See UCLA Transfer Alliance Program | UCLA Undergraduate Admission

You should join the program and work with the counselor who should be able to answer many of your questions.

Also, if you’re not aware of it, the UCs offer a TAG program with guaranteed admission to one of six UCs. Unfortunately Cal and UCLA are not participants, but its always good to have a plan B. See Transfer admission guarantee (TAG) | UC Admissions


@Eve203 I’ll add a few more things.

First, there is a dedicated UC transfer forum under Transfer Students, you’re more likely to find people attending a CCC there than in this general forum.

Second, before you start creating honors contracts I suggest you speak with a counselor in the Honors program at Mesa, which you can find thru the TAP page link above. It may be unnecessary to take three honors classes in a single semester, especially your first semester. Once you qualify for TAP there may not be an advantage (other than personal interest) in exceeding the requirements.

Third, Cal seems to have a TAP program also although it looks like it is more targeted to students that fall into categories such as low-income, first-generation to college, a primary language other than English. See Transfer Alliance Project (TAP) | Center for Educational Partnerships