Honors and World Scholars

I’d love to hear from anyone who is a student who has done both, or a parent of a student who has done both. (Or an admit who plans to do both!)

I know in the early years of WS, there was question as to whether or not students could participate in both programs, but it appears there is no barrier now. I’m specifically wondering if WS have any difficulty getting a room in the honors dorm/Redding in the spring.


I’m also curious as to what housing will be like since I was accepted into both Honors and World Scholar.

Hi! I am an incoming freshman doing both Honors and WS. I talked with a UD senior at an admitted students event and he had no trouble doing both (it was rather encouraged). What I heard from him and 1-2 other students is that UD will put all honors WS in Redding and The RA/fellows all help to integrate the WS into honors life when they come back second semester. Hope that helps!