Honors/AP or not and Retake ACT

<p>I have two questions for you Maize and Blue experts. Sorry if should be separate threads, it is late and I'm tired.</p>

<p>1st -- my younger daughter is a sophomore and struggles a bit in school, and not stellar on standardized tests; from my reading of this board, it would seem that if she has a GPA of 3.7 or higher for 10th and 11th grade she will have a good shot at Michigan (we are in state). Is this true even if she gets 24 or 25 on ACT? If so, then she should really take no AP or Honors classes and just go for the high grade point, correct?</p>

<p>2nd question -- other daughter is a shoo-in at UofM, GPA 3.95 and got a 33 on ACT. I have read that the merit scholarships go to high scorers, so should she retake ACT and try for higher? If her app is complete earlier, and she gets the better score in October, will they count it?</p>

<p>Thanks, that sounds like good advice, I am very interested in the "huge chunk of money". We would not qualify for need based, so I am hoping that her stats will qualify her for merit money. What were you slightly higher in Act or GPA?</p>