Honors application in the mail?

<p>When do people usually get this, if they do. Is it supposed to be in the acceptance packet?</p>

<p>Honors Applications are sent out after admissions packets. But if you filled out Foundation Fellowship Application, you don't need to submit another application.</p>

<p>when do we get replies if we sent in a foundation fellow app? (about whether or not we got in honors, that is)</p>

<p>Sometime at the end of January, you will get a letter saying whether or not you will be invited for a FF interview. If you get the interview, you're definitely in Honors, and you've earned a Bernard-Ramsey scholarship, at the least. If you don't get offered an interview, you have to wait until March to see if your in Honors. (at least that's my understanding.) It would be a miracle if I got a FF interview, so I'm just planning on waiting till March.</p>

<p>Yeah, that's basically what I've heard from everyone here.</p>