Honors Chances?

<p>I was wondering if anyone can tell me my chances of getting into the honors college?</p>

<p>ACT 29
GPA from junior year 3.9265
APs junior year: Psychology, Language and Composition
APs this year: Lit and Comp, Gov and Politics, Stats, Environmental
Business Club
Entrepreneur Club
Key Club (for 3 years, leadership positions all years)
Founding Club member of Community Problem Solvers Club
in a community advisory board
(a few more clubs, not as important)
2 Jobs (At church and restaurant)
volunteer at a humane society</p>

<p>female, Caucasian, from Ohio public school</p>

<p>I think good.</p>

<p>Attend Honors Saturday if they still run this event. When we went 5 years ago (there was a scholarship awarded for 4 years just for attending it), they showed us stats for Honors. At that time they accepted 200 to Honors and 500 to Scholars. For Honors, applicants had to be top 2% of HS class and ACT=31+. Lower stats for Scholars. It could have changed since then.</p>