Honors Chem 210 Discussion Sections

<p>At orientation, the peer advisor said that the honors kids in chem 210 get some special discussion section that only runs Wednesday and Thursday nights. Am I just totally mistaken or something? Do I have to attend my regular discussion section? Do I have to attend this honors section?</p>

<p>Honors 210 has nothing to do with honors LSA. Meaning...non-honor students can still take it. Admission into 210H is basically guaranteed. They will give you the necessary info on the syllabus. You show up on the first meeting date, you pick a group, and you're in the program - called SSG (Structured Study Groups).</p>

<p>These are completely separate from regular discussions and are purely for the "H" that shows up in your transcript next to 210.</p>

<p>Once you are enrolled, you have until the drop/add deadline to cancel the class. If you do a really bad job in SSG, your 210 may get lowered...but that is extremely rare...like 0.1% chance. You do have to attend basically all the evening sessions and complete the assignments.</p>

<p>Whether it's worth it is up to you. The assignments are fairly pointless, but some people just really want that "H". It also makes getting into double honors orgo a little easier.</p>

<p>And almost no one attends regular discussion. Whether honors or not.</p>

<p>What does the honors program at Umich get you?</p>

<p>Does it just give you a little designation on your transcript that you are special or do you get access to certain classes that you wouldn't normally?</p>

<p>well, there are many things associated with honors. Other ppl may be more qualified to answer that (i'm in engin). </p>

<p>For 210H however, I can say that it's generally separate from LSA honors (although it can count as honors class fulfillment) and it's basically for the little H on your transcript.</p>

<p>it sucks to take chem at UMich because it takes up 6-8 hours of your life every week from just attending classes. Then there is all the studying, worrying, and crying involved with failing the class (which incidentally will take up another 6-8 hours of your life).</p>

<p>ermm...or u can being an engin major taking a design class requiring 20+ hrs of work a week. not to sound elitist (well, maybe i am) but a lot of engin people i know said orgo was their easiest class by far lol</p>

<p>if ur not a genius, any sort of intro class where the curve is tough is gonna take up a lot of your time</p>

<p>when are these ssg's available?</p>

<p>u get the info first day of class. ssg usually runs on tues/wed/thurs nights. once per week.</p>