Honors classes?

<p>When identifying classes as honors in an app, if the class does not have formal honors designation (like an honors at the end) but is weighted honors at your school (because it is honors level, but its an elective so there's no regular/AP offered) would we still list that as honors?</p>

<p>I have the same kind of situation. At my school, our "honors" is designated "GT" for Gifted and Talented, but we also have an "honors" level course that is of lesser rigor than GT.</p>

<p>OP: I would say yes but that it is the point of the secondary school report that lists your school's classes and which classes count as honors.</p>

<p>That's strange. Was there any kind of special tag attached to the class, if not honors (e.g. gifted, talented, advanced, etc.)? I would still report it as honors since it's weighted if other classes in the same subject are offered on an unweighted scale.</p>