Honors College Admission Decisions

Hi - Does anyone know whether admission decisions for the Honors College are sent out on a rolling basis? Or are they all announced after a specific date? Just curious about how long it typically takes to receive a decision once an application is submitted. I searched the Forum but couldn’t find anything from previous years that was helpful. Thanks in advance for any info you can share!

Go to the my web link in the offer letter and log in. You’ll see the honors app there. Due 2/16.

Thanks for the reply @homerdog ! She already has the link (and has applied). What I was wondering was when to expect a decision. I wasn’t sure if they did it on a rolling basis as they receive and review the applications or if they waited until some later date to communicate the outcome.

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Wow she’s on the ball! I would just call the contact at the honors college after break and ask. D is going to wait a while longer and see more of her decisions. These honors colleges apps are no joke and she wants to make sure a school is still in the running before writing all of those essays!

Good idea. Yes, she’s on it! :smile: Since she’s already made her college choice, she wanted to go ahead and get it in so she can focus on her senior classes. These kids have so much to balance!

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