Honors College - Ayuda!

<p>Okay, guys. I'm planning on transferring to FIU this fall. I have a 3.8 GPA and am currently a PTK member. I know that the Honors College provides a lot of benefits and scholarship opportunities and am considering applying but I am afraid that the workload or the difficulty of the courses may be too much for me. I want to double major in English and Sociology and maybe pursue an interdisciplinary certificate. What do you guys think? Will completing the honors curriculum necessitate too much of my time? Doing well in my courses is very important to me and I don't want to mess things up.</p>

<p>honors is only one class a semester, keep that in mind. actually, as a junior and senior you don't even have to take an honors CLASS. you can do research or an internship or study abroad and that will be your honors credit for the semester. i'm a freshman and my honors seminar wasn't that much of an extra workload. it was reading one book every two or three weeks and a few essays. the harder part was our small-group discussion because if you didn't participate thoughtfully, which some days is hard (i hated plato and the republic so i zoned out during that lecture) but overall it's a lovely program.</p>