Honors College experience?

S received an invite to the Honors College today. Any current students or recent grads that can give some insight into the program? Pros/cons are welcome, as well as more information on what the Honors program is like.

My son is a Freshman in the Honors College. His intro honors course was his favorite class last semester. The program is rigorous and utilizes small group discuss, which some students love and others might not. The Honors College also offers some social programming, but I don’t think my son participates in many of those activities. He chose to pledge a fraternity during his first semester, and has moved into his fraternity house for second semester. He liked the honors dorm, but not his roommate, so this might be a better fit.

@JKrazney2 what is your son’s major? It looks like the honors program is geared more towards humanities. My son will be an engineering major. Wondering how many STEM kids are involved in honors.

@taverngirl My son is a Marine Sciences major. I think he really enjoys having something “non-science” in his curriculum and I think a broad spectrum of majors are accepted into honors. Most of the readings have been excerpts and the final honors project will count as his marine bio capstone.