Honors College Notification

<p>Just wondering if anyone that applied to the Honors College has received their notification yet. The website says that letters will be mailed the week of February 1, 2011.</p>

<p>today i received a letter telling me that i received the madison achievement scholarship -- $2,000 for my freshman year, and increasing by $500 each year. i'm not sure if that means i am also in the honors program. the website says "All high school seniors applying to the JMU Honors Program will automatically be considered for the Madison Achievement Scholarship." but then it says "All scholarship recipients will receive notification of their award separately from their Honors Program decision letter."</p>

<p>so basically, im just wondering if jmu gives madison achievement scholarships out to students who they do not accept into their honors program. but i guess ill find out by the end of this week! (btw, sorry for not really answering your question lol)</p>

<p>Congratulations. My D also got the same Madison Achievement Scholarship and we were wondering the same thing. I guess that the Honors College and the scholarship are independent of each other and we'll find out soon enough from the Honors College...???</p>

<p>Received Honors College Acceptance Letter today!!!</p>

<p>i didn't receive anything in the mail yesterday or today! :( i guess they don't notify you if you're not selected?</p>

<p>My D got deferred until April... :(</p>

<p>(ignore my previous comment, i received my acceptance today!)</p>

<p>"Was I accepted? Decisions and notifications will be made by early February (Early Action) and early April (Regular Decision)"</p>

<p>This thread scared me a little since I am a regular decision applicant :P</p>

<p>So do the students who are deferred get a letter? We're still waiting...and worrying:/ Nothing so far. We did get the letter saying he was one of the fifty Dingledine finalists though.</p>

<p>I have to remember to look more closely at the dates of these posts...I was getting worried that here it is 2/10 and we've received no notification and I saw previous posts indicating acceptance letters 2/7, 2/8 etc...THEN I noticed that all posts except the one previous to this one is dated 2011!<br>
There's still hope I guess!</p>

<p>I need to check dates also! The more current thread doesn't seem to have anyone receiving anything yet. So...hanging in there:)</p>