Honors College Question

<p>It has been 6 weeks and I still have not had an invitation to the honors college, should I now send them the additional documents or should I wait until first semester is over?</p>

3.88 GPA
32 ACT</p>

<p>This semester I may have 3.85 or 4.0 GPA, do you think I have a good shot at getting in? Or do they rarely accept people they did not initially invite? I can only go to MSU if I get the merit aid from the honors college so some help would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>I believe you have to wait until MSU gets your fall semester grades so they can see how you rank in your school. I don't know who sends the info. Maybe your guidence counselor?</p>

<p>Oh yeah thats another thing, we don't have class rank. That is probably why I didn't receive an automatic invitation.</p>

<p>Contact the Honors College. Honors</a> College Admission</p>

<p>They will tell you what to do. Since you don't have a class rank, you will likely have to submit the additional essay (see link above).</p>

<p>Ok I just sent an email, thanks for the help</p>

<p>Our high school doesn't rank but my son was admitted to the honors college with a 3.9 UW gpa (4.3 W) and a 32 ACT. He did not have to write an additional essay. He applied early and attended the Honor's overnight event - maybe that made a difference.</p>

<p>My son was not offered any additional merit aid through the honors college. Maybe that is an OOS thing? (We are in state.)</p>

<p>I believe it is an OOS thing because MSU is not affordable out of state. I emailed but have received no response. I also just got a letter about the alumni distinguished scholarship, do any of you guys know any information about this? I am pretty sure I will take the test and visit the campus then too.</p>

<p>The merit aid for in-state students through the honors college only applies to students who meet the professorial assistantship requirements (something like 33+ ACT & top 5% rank) and i think the scholarship would be 2K/year for that on top of a 2 yr professorial assistantship. </p>

<p>Also, I went to Alumni Distinguished scholarship weekend aka ADS in February 2008 (I'm a senior now). I can tell you what I know (feel free to ask me here or PM me for a faster response) or just check out some old CC postings about it.</p>