Honors College sophomore year

Does anyone have any experience with applying to the honors college in the second semester of freshman year and does anyone know what the difficulty might be?

It’s possible- and obviously allowed… we talked about it with my son since he finished his freshman year with nearly a 4.0 (3.86) but- as he pointed out, the challenge is that you need to take a number of ‘honors’ level courses to graduate with honors and it’s tough to get all that in if you’re just starting it your sophomore year, especially since once you get into your major- junior year, there are not as many honors level course options- at least that’s what my daughter was told by her honors advisor for engineering. Other majors might be different. Also, in my son’s case, he’s in a competitive major that to get in the upper division for junior year, they only look at GPA so he didn’t want to make it harder on himself by having to bulk up on honors level classes while trying to keep his GPA up… so he didn’t apply. :neutral_face: … He did get in his upper division program which is good!

Yeah I was just wondering about it because Id like to do international business and I know that you can if you’re in the honors college or if you get accepted to start your junior year and I figured why not try and get tatted earlier

If you are close to admittance stats for HC but don’t get it, you have a good chance at Capstone which also (at least in past) has a direct admit to IB if you meet certain criteria, so that would also be a possibility. Look at Capstone information.


@MattC412 I looked at the USC IB webpage and it looks like they are no longer offering the Capstone Provisional acceptance for the Fall 2015 Freshman Class. The IB website states that SCHC students wth a 3.65 GPA after 45 credit hours will be immediately accepted. The rest of the students will need to apply in the spring of their sophomore year after completing 45 credits and must have a 3.65 GPA.

Since you want to apply to the IB program, I would not recommend applying to the SCHC your sophomore year. As Coleman4 stated above, you will need to take 45 credits of honors courses in addition to the IB double major and language requirements. It would be a lot to take in 3 years.

The language requirement is a big obstacle for a lot of students. What language are you currently taking? It will be important to place as high as possible in the language that you plan to study.

Yeah that’s the downside bc I’m in Latin right now so it will be tough to take up new languages but I think I have it in me. Thanks for the advice in the honors college bc I was thinking about applying while a freshman so that I can do the IB track earlier than doin competitive admission spring of sophomore year

@MattC412 To clarify, the immediate acceptance for SCHC IB students appears to apply only to freshman SCHC and not transfers to SCHC. You would need to check with IB admissions though.

Also, the first IB class is spring semester of your sophomore year. Prior to that, you will be taking core classes and language classes. If you are committed to being an IB major, I would pick a language and use the resources at USC and other online programs to start learning the language as quickly as possible.

Sorry I didn’t pick up the bottom of link with change in 2015!

@mattc412 I actually think studying Latin will make picking up another language fairly easy. If you have grasped Latin well (I’m a homeschool tutor), the vocab will help with any other romance language, you know how verbs work and I haven’t encountered any language with verbs as complex as Latin (I’ve studied French, Portuguese, and Spanish), and you also know how inflected languages work (those noun declensions). Russian, Greek, and I believe German are all inflected. Good luck!

I will put a plug in for the USC German department. My DD has found the professors easy to work with. If you are not an auto-admit to IB, you may want to consider picking a less “popular” language as the competition for a spot could be less. I couldn’t find the admission stats on the Darla Moore Business School site to back up my assertion – but could be worth looking in to since you are starting a modern language now.

What are the requirements, or what is the process, for being accepted to the Honors College after becoming a regular student?
Besides GPA, what extracurricular factors/essays are there?

On another note, is there any chance that I could get the Woodrow witH a 1260 SAT and a 4.1 gap?