Honors College/Top Scholars Class of 2024

Last year the first wave of Honors acceptances were received by mail around Dec 20. Invitations to interview for Top Scholars were then mailed in mid-late January. Any guesses as to how the process will go this year?

Following. Just wondering if anyone knows if they will be done electronically first like the EA notifications were, or just through snail mail.

Hi, I am a current Freshman student in the Honors College. Last year, I received my Honors College acceptance on December 24 (and I think most of the first-wave students received theirs on December 24 as well), but in 2017, the first wave came out during the week of December 18-22. I then received my Top Scholar letter via Fed-Ex overnight on January 15, and the year before, they were released on the 16th which was that same Tuesday. Looks like the Top Scholar dates are consistent from year to year, but the Honors College letters seem to come at relatively random times each year rather than being on the same day each year.

Thanks so much, @gennarivers !

has anybody heard anything about Honors college yet?

Nothing yet, no…

My Daughter just found out…she’s in!

My two daughters just got into the honors college!!

Regular Mail or email?

Email at 5:13 pm

Accepted, CT

my daughter also got the email at 5:13pm and got in as well :slight_smile:

Are you out of state?

we are actually in SC. Congrats to your girls!

Did you just receive an invite to register for admitted students day. We will do February 8th and the night before is something for the honors college specifically.

Yep just got the invite

My S is in as well! So exciting! We are OOS.

Did anyone’s acceptance letters mention top scholars or did it just say, “Be sure to watch for your scholarship offer coming in March”?

Congrats to all admitted! Does anyone mind posting stats/other details? TIA!

34 ACT, top 1% of class, six extracurriculars, part-time job, biological sciences major

My daughter got the Acceptance email this afternoon. Very exciting! We are OOS.